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Data-Powered Marketing

Fuel your China marketing plan with accurate data from our unique sources. Target the right persons in the immense market and explore unlimited possibilities of your business.

Mobfever 私人數據庫連接不同大數據來源,分秒紀錄用戶網路行為數據,助您洞察及掌握受眾羣,深挖數據價值,制定精準網路行銷決策。

China Experience Optimisation

There is no high threshold if you have the right companion. Mobfever is ready to up your game by boosting your ad conversion rate with our powerful data solution that spans all channels in

憑藉多年的中國及全球行銷經驗,配合海量的受眾數據及人工智能篩選,Mobfever 的專業團隊為您優化信息流廣告,全面強化廣告效能,提升轉化率。

Direct Resources from Platforms

We are in direct connection with our many technology platform partners for China and global marketing to ensure the highest efficiency and the most affordable cost.

MobFever 信息流廣告平台連結龐大國內網絡,並取得多個知名平台直營代理權,全面覆蓋搜尋、移動、視頻、社交等不同渠道,讓您的廣告觸及每一個目標受眾。

Our Mission

At Mobfever, we create a triple-win situation pinpointing your business’ needs. Our team of experts provide you with one-stop solutions using direct resources, making China marketing feasible right at your fingertips. Ditch the traditional marketing funnel, join Mob Fever with data-powered technology and intelligent promotion to keep abreast of the latest trend in the China market.

Mobfever 準確洞悉您的業務需求,助您擺脫傳統營銷渠道,緊貼中國市場新趨勢;

Our Service

As your trusted partner for one-stop China marketing solutions, Mobfever is here to offer the fullest from professional consultation and implementation to performance tracking and online support. Our expertise rooted in China’s ever-changing consumer behaviour, market trends and online landscape helps to forge strong marketing campaigns that earn applause and direct traffic into your business.


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Action speaks louder than words. Get a head start in your next marketing project with our free professional consultation service. 現在就與我們的數碼營銷專家聯繫,預約免費專業諮詢服務,輕鬆展開您的下一個營銷計劃。

Who We Are ?

Mobfever has specialised in China marketing solutions since 2018.We are ON LIST distributor of Bytedance. Native to digital marketing, our team of experts builds impactful campaigns that set agenda in the emerging market and gets your business connected with global platforms.

量飛移動優化有限公司(MOBFEVER),字節跳動旗下營銷服務品牌巨量引擎(Ocean Engine香港區代理,整合今日頭條、抖音短視頻、抖音火山版、西瓜視頻、懂車帝、Faceu激萌、輕顏相機、穿山甲等產品營銷能力,為品牌提供不同場景下的營銷服務,幫助品牌持續與目標人群溝通互動,為品牌實現營銷目標提供動力。

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